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Domaine Gardelle

life as it should be


Welcome to Domaine Gardelle. We are creating a new glamping and camping site based in the beautiful Lot-et-Garrone region of south west France.


November 2019: we completed on our new campsite. Very excited with lots of ideas, energy and enthusiasm, we were both new to this line of work. We had such passion for all the opportunities that lay ahead.

November 2020: my husband was faced with redundancy, and a shock of how were we now going to pay for all this work to be done, to live and breathe all our ideas and dreams to make this a successful campsite...

December 2020: tools purchased and the true excitement my husband showed ‘I am going to do this, get residency and live our French campsite dream’

January 2021: all our dreams were shattered! My husband lost, who was an amazing husband, dad, son in law, brother, brother in law...all gone. Covid, so cruel at the age of 42.

November 2021: was my first trip out since losing my incredible husband and work started.. I will live this dream...

Summer 2022,: the farmhouse is renovated in honour of all my late husband, his drawings, ideas and vision all brought to light.

January 2023: the work has started to get the camp to the most amazing place my husband wanted it.. it may not be quite right, it may not be completely his vision but maybe just maybe, it is ‘life as it should be’.



Domaine Gardelle, 47150, Laussou, Lot et Garonne, FRANCE

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